The Goal of WB&T is to keep fees as reasonable as possible. WB&T offers flat rate billing for Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Back Office services.

Flat rate for this purpose means, our fee for service is not based upon the number of transactions in a reporting period. we don’t have time to sit around and count the transactions to bill you – who does that?

we, do ,however offer hourly and monthly billing unique to the business you run.
Hourly rate is $45.37
Project and Task hourly rate is $26.30
Monthly Billing starting at $100.65

Setup Fee:
Because of the nature of what we do, and to keep monthly cost down, we have a setup fee of $100.00. This fee compensates for the time it takes to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to our accounting software.

It includes the time for setting up your chart of accounts, monthly reports, and integrating your financials to our system.

This policy is subject to change without notice.