WB&T provides a wide-ranging, full-charge with experience in all the areas you’d expect of long-established bookkeeping services. We prepare accounts for self-employed businesses, whether sole traders or partnerships.

Of course, we help with taxation, corporate and personal, and provide business consultations.

As a part of your team, we will gain in-­depth knowledge of your needs to provide you with the most appropriate services to help you accomplish your goals; If your books are in disarray, it will be difficult to understand if you are making a profit or losing money.


Bookkeeping involves general accounting duties.

Allow our firm to manage the day-to-day record transactions and bill pay,
while generating financial reports needed to make informed business decisions.

Our team will sit with you and review all of your data to offer insight
and assistance in understanding the story behind the numbers.

Our sharp financial analysis will give you better visibility into the factors driving your business.


The rise of red tape places many requirements on individuals and businesses.
Ignoring, misunderstanding or mismanaging these requirements can lead to
financial penalties, disasters, and missed opportunities.

Our accounting services help you to understand your obligations and unlock the information contained within your accounts. This ensures that informed decisions are made and you
are making the most of your business potential.

It Starts with Bookkeeping & Ends with the IRS!

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Income Tax Preparation
Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, Llc makes preparing your income tax easy!

When it comes to taxation, companies cannot guarantee anything!
WB&T provides an honest income tax service.
Get out of the check cashing lines, and stop dealing with “third parties”,
take control of your money and hire WB&T.

A team member will walk you through the process; provide an online portal to access your information whenever you want. No need to make endless calls trying to reach customer service to check on your information, we provide all information via the portal.

File My Income Taxes    Where's My Refund

Proper payroll processing is vital to the success of any organization - large or small.
Let us handle the tedious administrative chores payroll requires.
Use your time to focus on strategies to build your business.

Outsourcing the chores of payroll to WB&T reduces the
additional costs of specialized employees dedicated to this task.

No business can afford to go wrong with payroll.

As your trusted and accessible payroll partner, we will address all your needs,
including check processing and printing, direct deposit, W-2 processing,
filing up-to-date quarterly and annual payroll taxes and reporting.

Services include:

  • IRS and State tax reporting
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) deposits
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports
  • New hire file creation and reporting
  • W-2, W-3, and 1099 preparation

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Whether you are an individual or operate a multi-tiered corporation or partnership, our professional tax professionals can accommodate your needs.

Our personal, one-on-one service and expert tax return preparation
will give you peace of mind, knowing that your tax return is in capable hands.

We are diligent about remaining up-to-date on the changing tax laws and will examine all of the tax-saving opportunities available to you.
We are committed to minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your future opportunities-
while remaining in full compliance with IRS statutes.

To make the tax process as convenient and pain-free as possible,
we offer our clients 24/7 access to all of their tax
information via a portal on our website.

Log in any time to review the documents electronically and track the progress of your e-filed return.

Let's Get Started       Let's Talk About It

Business Support
WB&T recognizes that providing customers
with high quality support contributes significantly to their long term success with us.

We know that keeping your system running smoothly and getting
questions answered on a timely basis is important to the success
of your business, as well as ours.

Support Services include but not limited to:

Business Entity Selection    Client Billing

Accounts Payable    Tasks & Projects

Providing Solutions that Scales with your Business

WB&T provides decision-makers real-time business information.

One of our many platforms is powered by leading-edge, technology, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Accessible securely from any browser.



In today’s concept of globalization and technology, the process of doing business has been redefined. The phases involved in the fundamentals of bookkeeping can be overwhelming, and time-consuming.

Delegating accounting & tax needs to WB&T allows one to speed-up business or individual process, and concentrate on revenue-generating operations.

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax cost-effective services are available to save time by streamlining financial reports, eliminating hours of frustration, and providing accounting functionality, which gives more time to manage other aspects of business or personal life.

Add strategic value to products and services by substituting the headaches, costs, and fees associated with in-house bookkeepers, payroll, and back-office employees – with WB&T  

Our Mission   What We Do   The Team

Let us take the weight off your shoulders!


Our Process

Accounting and Tax practices are a serious matter and decisions to hire professionals internally or externally should not be taken lightly.

For that cause, Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, Llc has a four (4) step process for getting services started.

The process is simple & gives you the opportunity to learn our methods and understand your needs.

The InquiryProposalSet UpExecution

A. Complete the Intake Form
B. Meet with one of our sales professionals to review your accounting/payroll needs.
C. WB&T will send you a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) while requesting a copy of your accounting files

You might want to Register to the File Exchange Portal as WB&T no longer uses fax



A. You will receive notification of a Scheduled discovery meeting with a member of our team using our online web scheduler (you will received e-mail notice), or by phone to discuss the agreement and review client needs and expectations.

B. Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LlC will send the scope of work and agreement after discovery meeting.



Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LlC will have the Start-up Conference Call, or meeting (please set aside 1 hour)

a. Discuss roles & communications
b. Delivery of client procedures manual (CPM)
c. Make Sure all logins and other assistive tools are working properly.



Start Processing Daily Work

  • *Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, Llc believes in tooling each client to make informed business decisions.
  • *We treat each client like a partner where our success is the result our client’s success.

By now you should fully understand our methods and we completely understand your expectations.



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Come, offer great insight, or make your own discoveries! 

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WB&T takes the team approach in the working environment. As a team, our firm is passionate about meeting the needs of the people we serve; focused on improving the lives of our clients by providing quality services, and solutions that earn their trust while building lifetime relationships.

Whereas we function as a team, each staff member has the opportunity to learn, contribute, and improve their specialized skills. Individuals are surrounded by peers who inspire, innovate, motivate, and challenge for growth.

The team members at Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, llc have an entrepreneurial spirit being results-driven with a contagious professional attitude.

WB&T seeks additional team members with high professional and personal standards who can embrace our vision that developing trust & respect derives from listening.

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There are many questions when assessing the need for Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Taxation. Many customers, unknowing, face similar issues.

For that reason, WB&T has a frequently Asked Questions section to get you started. Review this section to help bring about understanding as we address your emails or phone calls. 

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The corona-virus (COVID-19) impact and uncertainty, on a global level, are unparalleled. WB&T is closely monitoring the threat and the government’s response to help individuals and businesses make informed and strategic decisions.

Navigating this critical ad evolving challenge will not be easy as we prepare to help our community in however possible.

If you have questions about how the Corona-virus could impact you, your family or your business, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the latest and most relevant updates.

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Note to Team

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax
It Starts with Bookkeeping & Ends with the IRS

Ph: (734) 288-8461 | E-mail:



Home Office 1:

15081 Sorrento Detroit, MI 48227

Send Mail to:

P.O Box 51774

Livonia, MI 48151 


How to manage your appointment

To manage your time with WB&T:

  • On the toolbar click on the “Events” tab
  • From the dropdown menu choose either Add New EVENT or Add New Task
  • A Web Form will appear. Complete ALL Tabs
  • In the Participants tab, choose the DEPT or Team member you’d like to meet
  • REMOVE PARTICIPANTS from “Selected Participants:”


See Video Tutorial

You will get a follow-up and reminder E-mail.

Refresh page if you make a mistake

View & Pay Invoice

We Speak your financial language!

WB&T offers several ways to remit payment for services.

PaypalVenmo PayPay by U.S PostalGoogle PayACH PayView My Invoice

To pay using Paypal, you will need to offer an email address. It’s a good idea if you use the same address you have on file with us. Paypal requires your email in case there is an issue and you need to be notified directly by them.

Paypal transactions take a few days to post, but you will not be considered late.

Pay with Paypal


Venmo is a digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. You can easily split the bill, cab fare, as a payment option in certain merchant apps, and you can pay with Venmo many places where you see the PayPal button.

In order to pay using Venmo, you will need to have the Venmo app installed on your mobile phone and will need to opt-in to make purchases

You will find WB&T on Venmo using our direct payment link.

WB&T on Venmo Apple Store Venmo Google Play Venmo

To remit payment by Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order

Mail to:

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, Llc
Attention Accounts Receivable
Box 51774
Livonia, MI 48151

Because names like John, Jennifer, Meka, Emmanuel, Samatha, Micheal, etc. are so common WB&T asks that you Please put your account number on the check!

If you are a Gmail user you can easily send payment to WB&T by

How do I set up Google Pay?

  1. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store, or visit
  2. Sign in to your Google Account and add a payment method.
  3. If you want to use Google Pay in stores, check to see if your phone has NFC
  4. Use to send payment


WB&T Google Pay

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are electronic payments that pull funds directly from your checking account.

Instead of writing out a paper check or paying with a debit or credit card, the money moves automatically as you schedule it.

To make a 1-time payment or recurring payments to WB&T using ACH, download and complete the ACH form (Keep a copy for yourself) and upload it to File Exchange Portal or send by U.S Postal Services.


File Exchange Portal      ACH Form


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